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German Colonies Collectors Group

deutsch-neuguineaThe German colonies and post offices abroad provide a wonderfully rich and varied collecting area which can be narrowed or broadened to suit any collector’s taste.deutsch-reichs-post

The GCCG was founded in 1968, and has been in continuous operation since 1973. We have more than 220 members, principally in the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, with members in several other countries. We publish our quarterly journal, VORLÄUFER, in English.

There are two major study groups for the German Colonies – the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Sammler deutscher Kolonialpostwertzeichen (based in Germany) and the German Colonies Collectors Group (GCCG), based in the U.S. The GCCG is a Study Group of the Germany Philatelic Society, and an Affiliate of the APS.

jaluitmarine-schiffspostMaterial for this area dates from 1871 to 1921, beginning with vorläufer (forerunners) –German stamps without any overprints or surcharges which were ‘used abroad’ and arethus identifiable only by the cancellation. Other interesting varieties include overprinted, surcharged, and bisected stamps. Perforated initials, covers with various ‘no stamps available’ markings, postal stationery (both official and printed-to-private-order), flight covers, and tamp booklets are known from the colonies. Some collectors focus on the cancels, other postal markings and postal forms. Others collect provisionals, issued after natural disasters occurred. Police actions, rebellions, and the Great War also generated collectibles – stamps and postal markings – from everyone associated with these events, including soldiers, sailors, prisoners of war, internees and civilians.